A Father's Rights — Protect Your Right To Build A Relationship With Your Child

As an unmarried or divorced father, you may be concerned about barriers that can prevent you from having an active role in your child's life. Your father's rights to parent your child may be in question. Consulting with an attorney is a powerful first step.

I am family law attorney Lori D. Howard and I want to help you pursue as full a connection with your child as possible. I will also advocate for you to ensure you are not required to make excessive child care payments.

On the other hand, you may be an unmarried or divorced mother, concerned about holding onto your parental rights even when challenged by the father. You may also need to collect child support — which will require a paternity determination, among other things. I can help you understand your rights, the father's rights and how I can help you pursue your most important goals in terms of parenthood.

What if you are a grandparent in a parenting role — or the parent of divorced son or daughter, with your grandchild increasingly out of reach? You may have more rights than you realize. I will gladly explain how you can pursue your objectives with a high probability of success. Depending on the facts of your case, you may have the standing to pursue custody or visitation rights. There may be other ways that you haven't thought of by which you can pursue your grandparent's rights.

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