An Advocate And An Ally In Divorce And All Family Law Matters

Many of my clients choose my firm for my experience, and stay for the compassionate and understanding service I provide. As a mother and stepmother, I have personally been through the unique divorce and child custody challenges many of my clients are facing. My background in psychology lends itself well to the empathy and understanding that is required for many of my cases. I offer both my professional knowledge and personal experience as an advocate and an ally for all of my clients.

At Howard Law Firm, PLLC, you receive bold representation that will stand by your side until the very end. I can help you through the intricacies of your divorce, from child custody and child support to asset allocation. I also help write prenuptial agreements for new couples, and facilitate adoptions and guardianships on behalf of clients throughout central Arkansas. Regardless of your family law needs, I work to ensure you are comfortable, confident and well prepared for the years to come.

Offering Attorney Ad Litem Services

In addition to representing parents going through custody or divorce issues, I often serve as an attorney ad litem to the children affected by the case. Having previously worked for a children's hospital, I have experience addressing the needs and concerns of children and their families. I often work with their teachers, counselors, and parents to better understand their needs and best interests so I can offer unique and objective insight into their parents' cases.

I also serve as an attorney ad litem to adults in guardianship cases, and people who may be beneficiaries or in other statuses in estate probate cases.

Reasonable Rates And Payment Plans

I believe everybody should have access to quality family law representation. That is why I always strive to offer flexible payment options for my clients. After all, being a lawyer is more than just my job — it's my passion.

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