Divorce Mediation Can Keep Family Matters In The Family

When you think of your coming divorce, you may dread the idea of a trial pitting you and your husband or wife against each other before a judge and/or jury. In fact, for a great many divorcing couples, a trial is a terrible way for your future to be decided. A judge will have limited knowledge of your family's unique circumstances and concerns.

On the other hand, you and your spouse may not agree about how you will divide the marital home, business assets, investments or retirement accounts. You may not agree on a child custody and visitation plan. How can you reach a divorce settlement agreement you both can accept while avoiding cross-examination before a judge?

Divorce mediation may be the answer.

In divorce mediation, a neutral mediator will go back and forth between rooms, with you (and possibly your lawyer) in one room and your spouse (and possibly his or her lawyer) in the other room. Opinions of experts such as accountants may be included in mediation, as in a trial. Ideally, the spouses reach a settlement agreement both can live with and the mediator then reports on that settlement agreement to the court.

Divorce mediation (rather than a trial) often appeals to:

  • People who are sensitive about keeping family issues as private as they can be
  • People who prefer to keep divorce proceedings from becoming adversarial
  • People who appreciate the chance to reach an agreement on their own terms and timetables

I am divorce lawyer Lori D. Howard in Benton, Arkansas, and I have represented many clients in divorce mediation. The overwhelming consensus of most of my clients is that divorce mediation is vastly superior to letting a judge decide very personal matters for a family. Many clients also report that the process helps divorcing parents remain civil and able to communicate as they will need to do to co-parent their children effectively.

I Can Prepare You For Divorce Mediation And Guide You Through It

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