Making Wills And Probate Easy For You And Your Family

As an attorney, I firmly believe every person should have a will. At Howard Law Firm, PLLC, I'd much rather you have a will than not — which is why I work with you to quickly draft a will that keeps your family secure, at reasonable rates that are accessible to everybody.

Without a will, your assets will be assigned according to Arkansas state statutes, and that may not be best for you or your family. With a last will and testament drafted, you can ensure the probate process will be simple and efficient for your family after your passing. My firm can also help with living wills and powers of attorney so you can ensure your financial and medical decisions are made responsibly by those you love and trust.

Saving You Money And Time

When you schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation with my firm in Benton, I walk you through the options that save you time and money while best meeting your needs. Together we can determine if your assets meet the threshold for a small estate, which can save your family time in probate court down the road. We can even go so far as to help your family avoid the probate process altogether by transferring your most valuable assets to family members outside of the estate and probate system.

Helping You Through Every Step Of Probate

Depending on the size of the deceased person's estate, the number of heirs, and the nature of the person's debts, the probate process timeline can vary greatly. The shortest, small estates, take approximately five months to close out, while the larger and more complex estates can take a year or more. Working through the estate administration process alone can be a great challenge, but with my help, you can move ahead and manage the assets and debts in a timely and less stressful fashion.

I work with you to get all the steps done as quickly as possible, from filing estate taxes to wrapping up all the loose ends and distributing the estate. To get started, call my office at 501-794-6991, or send me an email and I will reach out to you.