Challenge Or Defend A Will

A will is contested when someone challenges its authenticity, legality or enforceability. Someone may contest the will of your loved one by claiming that:

  • Your loved one was not competent when it was finalized.
  • Your loved one was coerced by someone to modify it or write it in a particular way.
  • The will was not signed properly.
  • The will is from another state and does not fully conform to Arkansas' standards for wills.

You may be involved in a will contest as the one responsible for administering the estate or someone who wants to stop you from distributing assets. A resolution of a will contest may be that:

  • The will is upheld as valid and distribution continues as written.
  • The will is determined to be invalid. In that case, a search is undertaken for a previous will by the person and that one may be the one that applies. The previous will is taken through probate.
  • If the current will is invalid and no other will is found, the estate is considered to be intestate. Distribution of assets will take place according to state laws as if there had been no will.

A will contest can delay distribution of assets. Worse, it can overrule the expressed will of the decedent. To prevent this outcome if you consider it wrong, contact me, estate planning lawyer Lori D. Howard.

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