Don't Leave Your Health Or Wealth To Chance

Just as the term indicates, a power of attorney is a potentially very powerful legal instrument. It is so powerful, in fact, that some estate planning lawyers discourage people from creating powers of attorney to avoid potential elder abuse by whoever you name as the agent(s) in your power(s) of attorney.

For the sake of this short discussion about powers of attorney, however, we will assume you have one or more family members, friends or a lawyer or banker whom you trust to respect your best interests at all times.

Next, consider what you hope that person (or people) would be able to do for you if you were incapacitated, unable to speak for yourself. You might be in a coma, or have Alzheimer's disease, or be recovering from a stroke. You might even be a prisoner of war or missing after a plane crash. As alarming as these descriptors sound, they should give you an idea of when a power of attorney would be useful.

Depending on how you draft a power of attorney, it may give your agent the right to:

  • Handle your bank account
  • Sell property that belongs to you
  • Enter into a contract on your behalf (such as a hospital or nursing home contract)

A power of attorney can designate someone to act temporarily on behalf of children of the principal or grantor (the person who created the power of attorney), but it is not equal to guardianship.

A health care power of attorney can designate someone to make health care decisions for you if necessary.

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What Would You Like Your Power Of Attorney To Do For You?

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